US-Canada Tax Preparation

Cross Border Tax & Accounting (CBTA) has professionals with decades of experience preparing US and Canadian tax returns. Because we specialize in US-Canada tax planning and preparation, all of training, work and experience is devoted the unique issues of Canadians living, working or investing in the US, and Americans living, working or investing in Canada.

Our professionals are recognized experts in US-Canada tax. The biographies of the CBTA can be found on the Bios page. The professionals at KeatsConnelly and Cross Border Tax & Accounting have combined to write five books on cross border issues. Those books can be found on the Cross Broder Series website.

Cross border tax preparation is complex and constantly evolving. Both Canada and the US have special provisions within their tax laws that address a myriad of cross border issues such as the determination of residency, the implications of individuals ceasing to be a resident (or citizen of the US), implications of the ownership of foreign entities, integration of the country’s tax laws with the Treaty, etc. Buried in all of those laws, regulations, and rulings, are special elections that can be made, special forms to be filed and deadlines to be met. Penalties for failure to comply can be severe and even draconian.

Cross Border Tax & Accounting provides full-service tax preparation for all US and Canadian individual income and death taxes. We can file all of the US and Canadian tax returns and related forms so that you are in full compliance with the laws of the US and Canada. If you should have filed but have not, we can help you get back into compliance with the Internal Revenue Service and Canada Revenue Agency.

Call us toll-free at 800-394-9462 or go to the contact us page if you have questions or would like for us to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

Cross-Border Series
Our cross-border series books are tailored to specific issues Canadians have when moving to, living in or investing in the US.